Sufficiently Advanced Magic

The general inspiration for the “Sufficiently Advanced Magic” series came from watching an episode of “Law & Order” and having the idle thought “I wonder what it’s like to be a cop in a fantasy universe?” How do the police deal with criminals who really can walk through walls? Thus Thomas MacKeever and Jacob Dells were born, a tough cop who doesn’t trust the magical elite and his forensic wizard partner who uses his abilities to solve crimes. I’ve been working on the series for a few years now and am aggressively pursuing publishing opportunities.

The first novel in the series (“Sufficiently Advanced Magic”) is complete and details the first meeting of the partners and their struggles as they deal with a magical city under siege by terrorism, xenophobia, an out-of-control foreign war and a fantasy universe’s very first serial killer.

The second book (“The Tree of Liberty”) is currently being written.

If you’re a publisher or an agent and would be interested in what’s been called “CSI meets Harry Potter,” please contact me at

Sufficiently Advanced Magic — About the Book

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4 11 2009
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