And A Happy 2010 to You All!

31 12 2009

So this is it, the last few moments of the last crappy year of — let’s be honest — a truly crappy decade. It’s 10 years that started with the World Trade Center coming down and ended with an America seemingly so dispirited that it can’t muster up the will to even fix the holes in Manhattan left by the collapse of the towers. This was not the future I think any of us envisioned when we last stood watching a ball come down on the 20th century ten years ago wondering if human civilization was about to end thanks to the Y2K bug. It turns out we might have been right — just wrong in how long it was going to take.

And yet — and maybe this is just the glow of my Christmas hangover and the wonderful week I just spent with my family enjoying each other talking. Ultimately loving one another is what it’s all about and why in the end I have faith in the future. I don’t believe America’s as finished as a lot of people think and I don’t think humanity’s quite the lost cause we seem to be in our worst moments. If I’ve learned anything as a gamer, it’s that there’s always one more quarter you can pump in the machine and maybe this time we’ll get it right, rescue the princess and beat the big boss and win the game. Tomorrow the real future begins — what’s say we make it a good one? A little less “Blade Runner” and a little more “Tomorrowland” would be nice.

Happy New Year to all — Left, Right and Center!