California Lags the Recovery

10 09 2009

Good news everybody! In case you’re envious of the awesome weather, hot chicks in bikinis, movie stars and beautiful beaches we have here in California, here’s yet another reason to be envious of the Golden State. Those of us out here will have lots more time to enjoy the sunshine because we won’t be seeing the inside of an office for a while, According to a study released on Labor Day (wow, you can practically cut the irony with… an iron), the California economy is going to lag the rest of the country in recovering.


According to the California Budget Project, California’s unemployment — sorry “funemployment” — is already at 11.6% with no signs of slowing down through 2010 and 2011. Notably missing in the PBS report is an examination of what exactly caused this little nightmare. Hmmm. I wonder if it had anything to do with a completely out-of-control government completely dominated by the Democrats (and the Governator, who like George W. Bush, never met a spending bill he wouldn’t sign.) who funded pork-barrel projects, corrupt unions and ridiculous boondoggles with a smile on their lips and well-choreographed song in their hearts.

You know, I’ve never lost my affection for the LA and OC Weekly, our local free radically leftist papers who had the guts to endorse Tom McClintock for governor because even they realized that California Democrats are completely out of control. Now Tom McClintock is a neanderthal conservative whose social views horrify me, but I voted for him with a song in my heart because sometimes only Nixon can go to China. Take heed America. California has always been your future. Don’t let it be your Cassandra.

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