What’s that snarling sound?

22 08 2009

After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, I have managed to transfer over all 14 of the original “Angry Bear” columns from GameSpy here. If you’ve never read my original Angry Bear column, here’s a chance to catch up on what you missed. The good news is that I’m not just transferring these over to glory in my time at GameSpy. I loved writing the Angry Bear. It was a chance for me to opine on the gaming issues of the day and take a look at some of the deeper questions that game development brings up. So I’m happy to announce that I am bringing the Angry Bear back. I’m already working on my first independent column to be posted as soon as it’s complete and then every Friday thereafter. Hopefully people will like it enough that they’ll start sharing them with others and we can get a real conversation started.

In the mean, please feel free to click on the “Angry Bear” tab at the top of the page and look through the oriignal 14. You may want to start an argument there, too!

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