360 Price Drop Coming Next Week?

20 08 2009

In one of those blindingly obvious statements that says “look at us, we’re analysts” more than anything substantive about the state of the industry, an analyst with EEDAR says that a price drop for the 360 is coming within the next week. Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft, so this is about as solid as an ice cube in the Gobi desert. Still, it’s not a real stretch to predict this sort of thing. It’s kind of a no-brainer for Microsoft who as a company is in a better financial position to counter the PS3 Slim than Sony is to take any serious financial hit. This does however, underscore my previous post about Sony’s ridiculous decision to not have backward compatibility in the PS3 Slim. Sony is in serious trouble. The game division is the only part of that company that’s even close to healthy. They need to invest in getting market share for the PS3 while they still have time.

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